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Take control of the car on springs, which thanks to the installed electronics reacts on the projector screen. Take your friends for a ride (game for 2-4 players) and avoid obstacles, collect coins and refuel together.

Technical data:


  • 1-4 players

  • device in accordance with PN-EN 1176

  • steel structure encased in (plywood / HPL) on springs

Includes a computer console with 2 dedicated games: Jeepetto and 3D Tunnel

Jeepetto - Car driving simulator. The game consists of avoiding obstacles, collecting fuel packs and points. The goal is to cover the longest distance in the shortest possible time. Players compete with each other to set new records.

3D tunnel - The game is about controlling the ball and overcoming obstacles in the 3D tunnel. On the route the competitor collects points that constitute his final result.


Interactive device will diversify the fun of children and adults. Unusual attraction for birthdays, parties, events. Perfectly suits playrooms, hotels, trampoline parks and other entertainment centers. It's friendly and safe for players of all ages. The device supports recreational physical activity, supports sensory development and eye-hand coordination. Great fun for children and parents.


Personalization of the device:


  • Device appearance according to customer expectations (color, shape)

  • Implementation of the client's logo in games

  • Producing dedicated games according to customer expectations

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We use modern entertainment technologies to support building relationships between users and encourage recreational physical activity.

We also provide services:

  • programming (creates games, applications)

  • electronic (we build electronic devices, prototype and manufacture)

  • mechanical (we design and manufacture mechanical constructions for entertainment venues)

  • gamification (we build gamification systems for the entertainment, fitness & recreation industry)